Get to Know Rob

Hi, I’m Rob Jarvis, and I’m a Democrat candidate for Congress right here in the 15th district of Ohio.  I’m a high school government teacher by trade, and I have three young children of my own at home.  You know, you can’t spend as much time working with young people as I do, without thinking about the future.  And to be honest, I’m concerned.  I’m concerned because right now we have a government that seems determined to take more and more from each and every one of us, than what we ever bargained for when we voted in the last election.  In just the past year President Trump and his supporters in Washington have created, pushed, and signed legislation meant to:

1) take away your health-care

2) take away our children's chance at a quality education

3) and take away your hard earned money so that it can be handed off to rich political donors and corporations

These aren't partisan issues. They are People Issues. They are American issues. These are issues that determine how we live, our quality of life and our opportunities. These issues are so important to us and to our loved ones that we can no longer afford to waste more time leaving them unaddressed and broken. We need someone in Washington who will represent all of us here in the Buckeye state no matter who you voted for in the last election.  We need to remind the career politicians that the state of Ohio . . . bows to no one.  I’m asking you: please, stand with me now.  Help me to send a message to Washington, an Ohio message that says “no more career politics, no more unchecked power in the hands of corrupt billionaires”.  It's time to save this country.  It's time to take our future back.  And it all starts right now.  Thank you. 


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