Rob Jarvis proposes "The Union Amendment"

Rob Jarvis is a Union Candidate, running for Congress in the Ohio 15th district!!!!  He spent 4 years with the U.F.C.W. (Local 1059), He has been a member of AFSCME (OAPSE) and is a current member of the largest union in the country, the National Education Association (OEA)


The "Union Amendment"

In response to the continuing attacks on organized labor throughout this country, specifically, "right to work" laws that are being passed in a growing number of Republican controlled states, including certain states, who are trying to put these destructive laws into their state constitution, Rob Jarvis (OH-15) has proposed a 28th amendment to the United States Constitution in order to ensure the existence of strong unions in our nation.  He has deemed it,  the "Union Amendment" which states:

"Unions have the right to collectively bargain their contracts, and collect fair share fees, in order to cover the cost of those negotiations, on behalf of all members of the bargaining unit" 
                                                                        (-The Union Amendment-)

There is no other candidate running for congress in the OH-15 that has a record of supporting unions, like Rob Jarvis, either as a union member, or as a candidate.  If you are a dedicated member of your union you MUST come out on May 8th to vote in the Democratic Primary for Rob Jarvis!!!!  

If we do not support the candidates that are fighting for us, then one day, we may find that there is no one left to fight for.